Peter & Jane bunting

Fri, 03/07/2014 - 17:44


This is a project you can easily make at home useing the pages of an old childrens book.

Being a child of the '70's I have special memories of learning to read using Peter & Jane books.

So when I saw this one at my local market for 50p, I snapped it up! It's also the perfect size for creating bunting.

As well as your book you'll need:

a pencil and ruler, scissors (ones with a decorative edge are nice), a hole punch, double-sided sticky tape and some ribbon.

First draw your tiangle bunting shapes on the back of the pages. You can rub the lines out when you're done.


Cut out using the crinkly-edged scissors.


Next punch a hole in the top two corners.


Thread through your ribbon and secure at the back of each pennant with a little double-sided sticky tape.


Hang up and enjoy!





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